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Brentwood High School Alumni Association


Back in the year 2000, two good friends were having lunch together. One was Marianne Hill Vahlkamp, Brentwood class of 1948; the other was Peggy Smith, a graduate of Clayton High School. However, Peggy also has a deep interest in BHS since she has lived in Brentwood a number of years and worked for the Brentwood School Distract at the high school. She also has 3 sons (classes of 1973, '76 and '77) and a daughter (class of 1977) who are graduates of BHS. In addition Peggy has two granddaughters from classes of 2005 and 2007 and currently a grandson who is a freshman at the school this year.

It's a little unclear which of them off-handedly said there should be a Brentwood alumni group and a seed was planted! That seed grew and thrived and these two friends established BAA. They gathered a few others with similar interest and this group managed to track down over 3000 BHS graduates; they checked all the legalities of starting this type non-profit organization, went thru all labors of by-laws, meeting IRS requirements for tax exemption donations to scholarships, etc. There are myriad details involved but they remained undaunted and succeeded in their efforts.

As part of the 2008 Hall of Fame ceremony, these two people were presented a plaque to be placed in the Hall of Fame, recognizing and honoring them for their efforts. It is a highly deserved honor and we alumni thank them for conceiving the idea as well as for all their efforts! Thanks, Marianne and Peggy!

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